Unfair Dismissal: 4 Common Causes in Most Workplaces

The excitement that people get when they land into a new job is really hard to hide. Having a new job means one would be able to meet most of their needs and improve the lives of others through different ways. However, the disappointment and frustration that employees suffer when their employers unfairly dismiss them is memorable and regrettable. Employers are said to have dismissed their employees unfairly when they dismiss them in a cruel, unreasonable or unjust manner. Below are 4 reasons for most cases of automatic unfair dismissal WA has.


Every employee is entitled to maternity leave once their delivery time approaches. Employers who ask their pregnant employees to report to their duties even when they are a week to deliver violate the rights of their employees. In some countries, a pregnant woman is allowed to go for maternity leave and her job is reserved for her until she resumes. However, some employers replace the employee on maternity leave even without a cause or notification.

Being involved in trade union activities

Employees who are actively involved in trade union activities risk being dismissed unfairly from their workplaces. This becomes worse if the employees are selected as representatives in the trade unions with oversight role over employees’ rights. When some employers realize that some of their employees are active members of trade unions, they may contemplate sacking them. There is no law that allows employers to unfairly dismiss their employees simply because they are representatives of a certain trade union. Employees who face issues regarding unfair dismissal WA has today should seek legal help to protect their rights.

Belief or religion

Any individual has the right to work in any organization, office or workplace irrespective of their religious background or belief. No law bars anyone from getting an appointment letter to work anywhere as long as they have the required credentials and willingness to work. It’s actually despicable for any employer to dismiss qualified employees based on what they believe in or worship. All employees in any part of the globe have the right to belief systems and worship. Religion or belief should not be a cause of a serious unfair dismissal in WA or in any other part of the world.

Political hands

Some innocent people lose their jobs through replacements once those with strong political connections apply for the same position in the government or private sectors. This normally happens when the employer is compelled to do so by the higher political authorities. In some countries, getting certain employment positions or promotions requires the intervention of an invisible political hand. What this means is that someone who genuinely got that position with no political influence may have to be dismissed to accommodate the politically-fronted one. Those who live in Western Australia assert that the WA unfair dismissal instances affecting young people have increased.

Time has come for those dismissed unfairly to know they are eligible to apply for compensation claims through a legal process. In some places, the law stipulates that employees applying for unfair dismissal claims should have been employed for not less than 6 months. Any employee facing any form of unfair dismissal WA has today should consult their lawyers first before proceeding with the application process. http://www.fairworkclaims.com.au/unfair-dismissal-qld-nsw-sa-vic-wa/

Post Author: Yolanda Moore