Finding the Best Disability Services in Homes

Care providers are responding to the need to provide the best disability services Canberra has to offer. With support from the ACT community, these care providers such as QuestCare, are offering a range of quality accessible services for persons with disabilities at their very homes. This support from both government and non-government organizations are making a huge difference to improving the lives of clients affording them more opportunities. Here are the highlights of what defines top quality service and effective support for persons with disability in homes.

Individualized Care

As members of the ACT Community, persons with disability are afforded the best disability services in Canberra by ensuring care providers are committed to the strategy framework for Future Directions. The My Choice Self-Directed disability service and funding ensures that clients get unique individualized care respectful of the choice, needs, and culture of individual clients. QuestCare boasts of the slogan, Your Choice Your Way, involving clients in deciding the type of care and support extended to them at the right time and place. Individualized care makes support services more effective and the clients more satisfied at the outcomes. The support afforded to them, in turn, enables them to function more effectively and contribute fruitfully to the community.

Increased Client Choices

Aside from individualized care, clients are afforded by care providers with increased choices. Care providers offer a wide range of services including support services at home offered by QuestCare. The list of Canberra disability services include assistance in activities of daily living and clinical care. Personal care such as assistance in hygiene and nutrition are provided. Specialized care for clients who need assistance in physical therapy, catheter and bowel management, and life support equipment management are also covered.

Increased Staff Competencies and Capabilities

QuestCare provides well-trained staff that guarantees provision of the best disability services Canberra has to offer to clients. Training of staff covers first aid provision to clients any time emergency first aid is needed. The training provided by partner company Quest Training Solutions also include Health Body Systems to support clients in physical therapy or restorative care. The education and training of staff also cover Medication Support among others. Each staff is, at the minimum, a Certificate III level on Disability and Aged Care. These services provide the much needed support of persons with disabilities right their very homes. The Quest Group

Intensified Community Support and Involvement

The support that QuestCare provides is among the many disability services Canberra has. While the client-centered, home based support is needed by persons with disabilities, care providers should understand the role of community in the holistic wellness of their clients. Qualified professional services from therapists, health professionals, and health institutions are also required to ensure total wellness of clients. Social services in the form of community opportunities in sports and events also provide encouragement individuals to maximize their capabilities instead of capitalizing on their disabilities.

Care providers, such as QuestCare, and the ACT Community continue to work hand in hand to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities. With Future Directions aimed towards ensuring that clients find best disability services in Canberra, persons with disabilities are looking into a brighter and better horizon.

Post Author: Yolanda Moore