4 Effective Office Recycling Tips

When companies take the initiative to go green, the first thing they do is recycling. This is because office waste is considerably high and is quite easy to deal with.

The problem is that most establishments do a pretty sloppy job just placing large recycling bin here and there and done. Such a shame and wasted opportunity to help Mother Earth.

large recycling bin

However, when done properly and correctly, these office recycling programs can help your business send zero wastes to landfill. Here are some tips to maximize office recycling.

  1. Encourage Packed Lunch

Encouraging your employees to bring their own snacks and lunch to the office in solid reusable containers not only reduces your organisation’s packaging waste that goes into the plastic and can recycling bins but also save money from an employee’s perspective.

Homemade lunch is a lot cheaper than going to a restaurant on break. Also, you can save more when you bring your morning coffee to work in a personal mug than buying from expensive cafes. Plus, you reduce the hard-to-recycle can and cup wastes.

  1. Invest in Centralized Large Recycling Bin With Labeling

Offices use a lot of recyclable materials. However, not all offices have designated green recycling bin to recycle.

So, consider having centralized waste and recycling stations with the right labeling. More often than not, your employees don’t know which is which and end up mixing recyclable materials. So, make sure to invest in color-coded bins with maybe a picture in each that provides practical guidance for your employees.

Once you have a recycling system in place, remove as many general wastebins, especially the personal bins under your employee’s desk. The goal here is to have a small number of large recycling bin for general recycling and gain a higher ration of recyclable materials around the office.

  1.  Paperless Office

Paper is the number one waste in an office.

To reduce your waste, it is recommended to go paperless.

Yes, it is unrealistic for an office to become totally paperless. However, there are ways on how your business can reduce the paper used and wasted.

You can encourage your staff to proofread and edit all documents on their computer. Unless it is a formal document, allow them to print it on recycled paper and on both sides before recycling it.

Meanwhile, company announcements, memos and other internal communications can be sent via email or posted on the online message board.

In terms of invoicing and purchasing, you can switch all billing to online and letting your vendors or customers know that you’re going paperless and requesting them to send e-statements instead.

  1. Recycling Awareness Day

If you think that your new recycling system is an all-time low, then it is crucial to engage your employees early.

Running a recycling awareness day should help provide engaging graphics and statistics that appeal to your employees’ understanding, habits and beliefs about environmental and recycling issues.

Focus on environmental and financial costs related to waste production then highlight the potential savings gained if everyone is participating.

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