A Hope for Experiencing Parenthood IVF Clinics in Sydney

According to a survey record which was unveiled by Fairfax Media recently, a prominent ratio of people in Australia is using their retirement savings only to pay for the IVF. IVF is considered as an efficient treatment for infertile couples to have babies. According to the recent studies in Australia, 19.8 percent women have been recorded to have given birth to live babies out of 73,598 women who started the treatment procedure in 2014. This shows an improvement rate of 10% from previous treatment records. This encouraging figure has boosted the medical industry for opening up more IVF clinics Sydney wide.

IVF is an efficient medical treatment that enhances the chances of a couple to experience healthy pregnancy. If you have already tried medical treatments, IVF can be the one sparkling way out for you.

IVF – a Considerable Option

There are many infertility treatments available in today’s date. Many couples invest a lot of time and money in various treatments before trying IVF, which may include intrauterine insemination, fertility medicines, etc. However, if you consult your doctor, he may suggest you IVF treatment directly just by conducting a few tests and studying their results. In IVF clinics Newetown has, if you are diagnosed with severe male infertility, blocked fallopian canal, decreased count of ovarian reserves, etc., you are immediately referred to IVR treatment.

A Wide Scope

IVF treatment opens up the door of parenthood to many people. It is not only restricted to couples, or only the mother. With the help from an IVF clinic and their treatments, you can even include gestational mother or a surrogate mother in the procedure of labor and birth. Besides, couples who are of the same gender can also take up IVF treatment from Sydney Women’s Clinic IVF. Even women who are incapable of carrying a baby over the full term of pregnancy can also opt for such treatments.

Utilizing Donated Eggs

IVF also includes a process where you can use donated eggs or sperms to fertilize the egg manually or clinically into an embryo. This fertilized embryo is then set in the uterus. This increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. Most couples who visited IVF clinics Sydney has found this way to be effective only in the first chance or by the second chance. Sydney Women’s Clinic, Dr. Surya Krishnan

Healthy Baby with PGD

IVF also offers a scope for having a healthy baby, since you are able to check the fetus for genetic traits. Particularly with Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis or screening, you can check the genetic traits of the fetus. However, these types of tests are only augmented if the mother or the father of the baby is found to carry some serious genetic disorders or diseases. This method can improve the chances of having a healthy baby.

Medical science has improved way beyond expectations. Today thousands of hopeful couples are trying treatments offers by IVF clinics Sydney wide to try out their chances. Already in Australia the medical field has witnessed remarkable improvement and success rate in IVF treatments. However, now the industry is taking greater initiatives to make the IVF treatment easily available to every strata of the society by minimizing its cost as well.  http://www.sydneywomensclinic.com.au/ivf-clinics-newtown-eastern-suburbs-sydney/

Post Author: Yolanda Moore